Huge thanks go out to all the following, for the work they contributed, for making it possible, for being nice, for supporting the project, for putting up with my crap, for reviewing the manuscript, for giving feedback, and/or just saying the right thing at the right time:

Alan Sutcliffe, Rob “SanchoTheFat” O’Rourke, Justin “Soulwire” Windle, Seb Lee Delisle, J4mie Matthews, Ron Wheedon, Robert Hodgin, Aaron Koblin, Jeremy Thorp, Jared Tarbell, Casey Reas, Ben Fry, Manfred Mohr, Reza Ali, Jerome “01010101” Saint-Clair, Dan Shiffman, Shardcore, Norman Klein, Kerry Mitchell, Orhan Alkan, Patrick Steger, Andy Dingley; at Manning: Marjan Bace, Emily Macel, Christina Rudloff, Jeff Bleiel, Mary Piergies, Tiffany Taylor, Barbara Mirecki, ...

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