Gmail™ in 10 Minutes, Sams Teach Yourself, Second Edition

Book description

Sams Teach Yourself Gmail in 10 Minutes, Second Edition, gives you straightforward, practical answers when you need fast results. Work through its 10-minute lessons to make the most of the world’s most powerful and popular email system!

This book will show you how to send and receive email from any web browser or smartphone using Gmail. You’ll learn how to send pictures and other file attachments, add a signature to your outgoing messages, and customize Gmail for your own personal use. You’ll even learn how to create and organize your Gmail contacts!

Tips point out shortcuts and solutions.
Cautions help you avoid common pitfalls.
Notes provide additional information.

10 minutes is all you need to learn how to...

  • Create, send, receive, read, forward, and reply to emails

  • Format your email to be more attractive--and effective

  • Include pictures, web links, and file attachments

  • Add an email signature to all your messages

  • Organize stored messages and flag important ones

  • Work with Gmail offline

  • Store information about people, businesses, and organizations

  • Automate how Gmail handles specific messages

  • Use Vacation Responder to tell contacts you’re away

  • Customize Gmail’s appearance and behavior

  • Deal with annoying spam

  • Participate in free Hangout video chats

  • Use Gmail on your smartphone or tablet

  • Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents
    5. About the Author
    6. Dedication
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. We Want to Hear from You!
    9. Reader Services
    10. Introduction
      1. What You Need to Know to Use This Book
      2. About the Sams Teach Yourself in 10 Minutes Series
      3. Special Sidebars
    11. Lesson 1. How Gmail Works—And What It Does
      1. What Is Gmail?
      2. How Does Web-Based Email Work?
      3. What Makes Gmail Different from Other Web-Based Email Services?
        1. No Folders
        2. Conversations
        3. Storage
      4. Gmail Today
      5. Summary
    12. Lesson 2. Creating and Signing In to a Gmail Account
      1. Signing Up for a Gmail Account
      2. Signing In to Gmail
      3. Summary
    13. Lesson 3. Navigating Gmail
      1. Navigating the Inbox
      2. Managing Messages
      3. Reading and Sending Messages
      4. Using the Navigation Sidebar
      5. Accessing Other Gmail Features
      6. Summary
    14. Lesson 4. Receiving and Reading Email
      1. Reading an Email Message
      2. Replying to a Message
        1. Reply to the Original Sender
        2. Reply to All
      3. Forwarding a Message
      4. Printing a Message
      5. Deleting a Message
      6. Viewing and Managing Deleted Messages
      7. Viewing an Email Conversation
      8. Summary
    15. Lesson 5. Sending Email
      1. Composing a New Email Message
      2. Selecting Recipients from the Contacts List
      3. Copying Others on a Message
      4. Working with Draft Messages
      5. Checking Your Spelling
      6. Summary
    16. Lesson 6. Formatting Email Messages
      1. Applying Text Formatting
      2. Applying Paragraph Formatting
      3. Inserting Web and Email Links
      4. Adding Emoji
      5. Summary
    17. Lesson 7. Working with Pictures and File Attachments
      1. Inserting a Picture into a New Email Message
      2. Attaching a File to a New Email Message
      3. Viewing Pictures in Email Messages
      4. Downloading Files Attached to Email Messages
      5. Summary
    18. Lesson 8. Creating an Email Signature
      1. Creating a New Signature
      2. Changing or Removing Your Signature
      3. Summary
    19. Lesson 9. Working with Contacts and Contact Groups
      1. Viewing Your Contacts
      2. Creating a New Contact
      3. Editing or Deleting a Contact
      4. Creating a Contact Group
      5. Adding a Contact to a Contact Group
      6. Sending a Message to a Contact or Contact Group
      7. Summary
    20. Lesson 10. Organizing Your Gmail Messages
      1. Organizing by Tab
        1. Viewing Messages on a Tab
        2. Moving Messages from One Tab to Another
        3. Choosing Which Tabs to Display
      2. Marking Important Messages
      3. Organizing with Stars
      4. Organizing with Labels
        1. Labeling a Message
        2. Creating a New Label
        3. Changing Label Colors
        4. Viewing Labeled Messages
        5. Managing Your Labels
      5. Archiving Old Messages
      6. Summary
    21. Lesson 11. Searching in Gmail
      1. Conducting a Basic Search
      2. Conducting an Advanced Search
      3. Using Search Operators
      4. Summary
    22. Lesson 12. Using Gmail Filters
      1. Creating a Filter
        1. Filtering Messages Like an Existing Message
        2. Creating a Filter from a Search
      2. Managing Your Filters
      3. Summary
    23. Lesson 13. Working Offline
      1. Installing the Gmail Offline App
      2. Navigating Gmail Offline
      3. Reading Messages Offline
      4. Composing Messages Offline
      5. Summary
    24. Lesson 14. Using Gmail When You’re on Vacation
      1. Enabling Gmail’s Vacation Responder
      2. Forwarding Your Gmail to Another Account
      3. Checking and Sending Gmail on the Road
      4. Summary
    25. Lesson 15. Setting Up Gmail for Other Email Accounts
      1. Using Gmail to Retrieve Email from Other Accounts
      2. Reading Gmail in Another Email Program
        1. Configuring Gmail for POP Mail
        2. Configuring Gmail for IMAP Mail
        3. Configuring Your Other Email Program
      3. Forwarding Your Gmail to Another Account
      4. Importing Contacts and Emails from Other Accounts
      5. Summary
    26. Lesson 16. Customizing Gmail
      1. Customizing the Gmail Interface
        1. Configuring Inbox Tabs
        2. Changing the Display Density
        3. Applying a Theme
      2. Configuring Other Gmail Settings
        1. General
        2. Labels
        3. Inbox
        4. Accounts and Import
        5. Filters
        6. Forwarding and POP/IMAP
        7. Chat
        8. Web Clips
        9. Labs
        10. Offline
        11. Themes
      3. Editing Your Profile Information
      4. Changing Your Profile Picture
      5. Summary
    27. Lesson 17. Dealing with Spam
      1. How Google Deals with Spam
      2. Reporting a Message as Spam
      3. Removing a Legitimate Message from Your Spam List
      4. Permanently Deleting Messages from Your Spam List
      5. How Google Guards Against Malware
      6. Summary
    28. Lesson 18. Managing Tasks with Gmail
      1. Viewing Gmail’s Tasks List
      2. Creating a Task
      3. Completing and Deleting Tasks
      4. Working with Multiple Tasks Lists
      5. Emailing a Tasks List
      6. Printing a Tasks List
      7. Summary
    29. Lesson 19. Chatting in Hangouts
      1. Participating in a Text Hangout
      2. Participating in a Video Hangout
      3. Summary
    30. Lesson 20. Using Gmail on Mobile Devices
      1. Using Gmail on the Go
      2. Using Gmail’s iPhone App
        1. Reading Email
        2. Viewing Other Email
        3. Sending Email
      3. Using Gmail’s iPad App
        1. Reading Email
        2. Viewing Other Email
        3. Sending Email
      4. Using Gmail’s Android App
        1. Reading Email
        2. Viewing Other Email
        3. Sending Email
      5. Summary
    31. Lesson 21. Using Gmail with Google+
      1. How Gmail Integrates with Google+
      2. Sharing Gmail Photo Attachments on Google+
      3. Viewing and Responding to Google+ Posts from Gmail
      4. Messaging Between Google+ and Gmail
        1. Emailing Google+ Connections
        2. Reading Google+ Messages in Gmail
        3. Turning Off the Gmail/Google+ Integration
      5. Summary
    32. Appendix A. Troubleshooting Gmail Problems
      1. You’re Unable to Log In to Your Account
        1. Resetting Your Password
        2. Resetting Your Username
      2. Someone Has Hijacked Your Account
      3. Gmail Is Slow or Unresponsive
      4. You’re Receiving Someone Else’s Emails
        1. Someone Mistyped the Address
        2. You’re Bcc’d on a Message
        3. You’re Being Spammed
      5. The Message Was Sent but Not Received
      6. Messages Appear to Be Missing
      7. You Accidentally Deleted an Important Message
      8. All Messages Are Sent to the Trash
      9. Legitimate Email Is Marked as Spam
      10. Not All Labels Are Displayed
      11. Messages Aren’t Displaying Properly
      12. You Can’t Download File Attachments
      13. You Can’t Send an Attachment
      14. You Receive a Phishing Message
      15. You Receive a Message About Cookies
      16. Summary
    33. Index

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    • Title: Gmail™ in 10 Minutes, Sams Teach Yourself, Second Edition
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: October 2014
    • Publisher(s): Sams
    • ISBN: 9780133798418