Goliath's Revenge

Book description

Harness your company’s incumbent advantages to win the digital disruption game

Goliath’s Revenge is the practical guide for how executives and aspiring leaders of established companies can run the Silicon Valley playbook for themselves and capitalize on digital disruption. Technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, blockchain, and immersive experiences are changing the basis of competition in every industry. New competitors are emerging while traditional ones are falling behind.

Periods of intense change provide remarkable opportunities. Goliath’s Revenge delivers an insider’s view of how industry leaders like General Motors, NASA, The Weather Channel, Hitachi, Mastercard, Proctor & Gamble, Penn Medicine, Discovery, and Cisco are accelerating innovation, building new skills, and disrupting themselves to come out stronger in this post-digital age. Learn how to leverage your company’s scale, reach, data, and expertise to launch breakthrough offerings that fend off attackers and secure your position as a future industry leader.

Using real success cases and recommendations, this invaluable resource shows how to realign your business model, reset your talent development priorities, and retake market share lost to digital-ready competitors. Drawing from extensive experience in digital transformation, leadership development, and strategic planning, the authors show how established companies can switch from defense to offense to thrive in this new digital environment.

  • Learn the six new rules that separate winners from losers in the age of digital disruption
  • Prioritize your innovation investments to rebuild your competitive moat
  • Employ smart cannibalization to defend your core business
  • Deliver step-change customer outcomes to grow into adjacent markets
  • Reframe your purpose and make talent the centerpiece of your digital innovation strategy

Goliath’s Revenge is a must-read for business leaders and innovators in small, mid-sized, and large organizations trying to win the digital disruption game. This book helps you reset both your company strategy and professional development priorities for long-term success. 

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Additional Praise for Goliath's Revenge
  3. Foreword
  4. Chapter 1 How Much Time Do You Have?
    1. Rewriting David versus Goliath
    2. The Resurgence of General Motors
    3. The Six Rules of Goliath’s Revenge
    4. How Much Time Have You Got?
    5. Time to Jump In
  5. Chapter 2 The Incumbent’s Advantage
    1. Your Crown Jewels
    2. Self-Funding Innovation
    3. Brand Reach
    4. Existing Customer Relationships
    5. Installed Base
    6. Data Sets
    7. Blocking Patents
    8. Standards Influence
    9. What Are Your Crown Jewels?
  6. Chapter 3 Winner Takes Most
    1. The End of Average
    2. The Retail Industry: A Cautionary Tale
    3. The Customer Expectation Ratchet
    4. Why Time Is of the Essence
    5. Note
  7. Chapter 4 Rule 1: Deliver Step-Change Customer Outcomes
    1. Pick a Destination: Thinking Customer-In
    2. Plan Your Journey: The Stairway to Value
    3. Get Going: Whole Offers by Step
    4. Rule 1: Company and Career Readiness
  8. Chapter 5 Rule 2: Pursue Big I and Little I Innovation
    1. Differentiate Big I from Little I
    2. Nurture a Company-wide Innovation Culture
    3. Act Fast on Little I Opportunities
    4. Unlock the Power of And
    5. Launch Your Venture Investment Board
    6. Run the Big I Relay Race
    7. Mastercard Pursues Both Big I and Little I1
    8. Stress-Test Your Innovation Program
    9. Rule 2: Company and Career Readiness
    10. Note
  9. Chapter 6 Rule 3: Use Your Data as Currency
    1. Some Historical Context
    2. Build Your Data Balance Sheet
    3. Value Data Optionality
    4. Maximize Return on Data
    5. The Weather Channel
    6. Rule 3: Company and Career Readiness
    7. Note
  10. Chapter 7 Rule 4: Accelerate through Innovation Networks
    1. Overcome the Curse of We Know Everything
    2. Open Up Innovation Channels
    3. Become Easy to Innovate With
    4. Expand Your Corporate Development Toolkit
    5. NASA Opens Up
    6. Rule 4: Company and Career Readiness
    7. Notes
  11. Chapter 8 Rule 5: Value Talent over Technology
    1. How Penn Medicine Is Changing Healthcare
    2. Honor Institutional Knowledge
    3. Go Beyond 3D Digital Roles
    4. Invest in Preemptive Skill Development
    5. Value Venture General Managers
    6. Optimize the AI-Human Balance
    7. Improve Your Digital Dexterity
    8. Rule 5: Company and Career Readiness
  12. Chapter 9 Rule 6: Reframe Your Purpose
    1. Raise Your Sights
    2. Answer the Five Whys
    3. Embrace Smart Cannibalization
    4. Engage the Next Generation
    5. Align Top Down
    6. Lead by Example
    7. Discovery Reframes Its Purpose1
    8. Rule 6: Company and Career Readiness
    9. Note
  13. Chapter 10 Company View: Your Disruptor’s Playbook
    1. You Are Not Too Late
    2. Your Disruptor’s Playbook
    3. Mastercard Executes Its Disruptor’s Playbook
    4. Prioritizing Your Initiatives
    5. Making Mid-Course Adjustments
    6. Note
  14. Chapter 11 Career View: Disrupt Yourself
    1. Professional Readiness for the Six Rules
    2. Balancing Your Triple Bottom Line
    3. Navigating Choppy Waters
    4. Your Purpose and Headline
    5. Your Personal Action Plan
    6. The Time Is Now
  15. Appendix: Goliath’s Revenge Rule Templates
  16. About the Authors
  17. Index
  18. Wiley End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Goliath's Revenge
  • Author(s): Todd Hewlin, Scott A. Snyder
  • Release date: February 2019
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119541875