Wavelet Denoising for Image Enhancement

Dong Wei,     SBC Laboratories, Austin, Texas

Umesh Rajashekar and Alan C. Bovik,     The University of Texas at Austin


2 Wavelet Shrinkage Denoising

2.1 The Discrete Wavelet Transform

2.2 The Donoho-Johnstone Method

2.3 Shift-Invariant Wavelet Shrinkage

3 Image Enhancement via Wavelet Shrinkage

3.1 Suppression of Additive Noise

3.2 Removal of Blocking Artifacts in DCT-Coded Images

4 Examples

4.1 Gaussian Noise

4.2 Blocking Artifacts

5 Image Denoising Using Natural Scene Statistics

5.1 Denoising Using Models for Marginal Distributions of Wavelet Coefficients

5.2 Denoising Using the Gaussian Scale Mixture Model for Wavelet Coefficients

6 Summary


1 Introduction ...

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