AM-FM Image Models: Fundamental Techniques and Emerging Trends

Joseph P. Havlicek,     University of Oklahoma

Peter C. Tay,     University of Virginia

Alan C. Bovik,     The University of Texas at Austin

1 Introduction.

2 Fundamentals of AM-FM Image Modeling.

2.1 Two-Dimensional Energy Separation

2.2 Two-Dimensional Analytic Image

3 Practical Techniques for AM-FM Image Modeling.

3.1 Filtered Demodulation

3.2 Filterbank Design Considerations

3.3 Dominant Component Analysis

3.4 Channelized Components Analysis

3.5 Reconstruction

3.6 Postfiltering and Postprocessing

4 Emerging Trends in AM-FM Image Modeling.

4.1 Perfect Reconstruction Filterbanks

4.2 Perfect Reconstruction FM Algorithm

5 Conclusion.


References. ...

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