Chapter 9. Ending an Iteration: It’s all coming together...

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You’re almost finished! The team’s been working hard, and things are wrapping up. Your tasks and user stories are complete, but what’s the best way to spend that extra day you ended up with? Where does user testing fit in? Can you squeeze in one more round of refactoring and redesign? And there sure are a lot of lingering bugs...when do those get fixed? It’s all part of the end of an iteration... so let’s get started on getting finished.

Your iteration is just about complete...

You’ve made it! You’ve successfully put your process in place: the stories have piled up in the Completed section of your board, and everyone’s ready for a little breather. Before people head out for the weekend, though, let’s do a quick status check:

What we’ve got

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That’s an impressive list—but don’t turn the lights out in the office just yet. Suppose all your hard work has resulted in a day or two to spare at the end of your iteration. What else could you do if you had more time?

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... but there’s lots left you could do

There are always more things you can do on a project. One benefit of iterative development is that you get a chance to step back and think about ...

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