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IBM eServer Certification Study Guide - pSeries AIX System Administration

Book Description

This redbook is designed as a study guide for professionals wishing to prepare for the certification exam to achieve: IBM eServer Certified Specialist - pSeries AIX System Administration. The system administration certification validates a broad scope of AIX administration skills and the ability to perform general AIX software system maintenance.

This redbook helps AIX administrators seeking a comprehensive and task-oriented guide for developing the knowledge and skills required for the certification. It is designed to provide a combination of theory and practical experience needed for a general understanding of the subject matter. It also provides sample questions that will help in the evaluation of personal progress and provide familiarity with the types of questions that will be encountered in the exam.

This redbook does not replace practical experience you should have, but is an effective tool that, when combined with education activities and experience, should prove to be a very useful preparation guide for the exam. Due to the practical nature of the certification content, this publication can also be used as a desk-side reference. So, whether you are planning to take the pSeries AIX System Administration certification exam, or if you just want to validate your AIX system administration skills, this redbook is for you.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Figures
  3. Tables
  4. Preface
  5. Certification overview
    1. pSeries AIX System Administration (Test 191)
    2. Certification education courses
    3. Education on CD-ROM: IBM AIX Essentials
  6. System startup problem handling
    1. Key commands used throughout the chapter
    2. Boot process
    3. Power on sequence, LEDs, and audio signals
    4. Useful commands
    5. Troubleshooting boot problems
    6. Quiz
    7. Exercises
  7. Hardware assistance
    1. Listing hardware devices
    2. Configuring system devices
    3. System management services
    4. Hardware device compatibility
    5. Using the lsattr command
    6. Using SMIT with devices
    7. The system error log
    8. Diagnosing hardware problems
    9. The system log
    10. Setting up an ASCII terminal
    11. Quiz
    12. Exercises
  8. System and software installation
    1. Base Operating System installation
    2. Advanced Options installation
    3. Configuration Assistant
    4. Understanding maintenance levels
    5. Software packaging
    6. Installing optional software and service updates
    7. Maintaining optional software (applying updates)
    8. Creating installation images on a hard disk
    9. Alternate disk installation
    10. Quiz
    11. Exercises
  9. Object Data Manager
    1. ODM commands
    2. Example of an object class for an ODM database
    3. Quiz
    4. Exercises
  10. Storage management, LVM, and file systems
    1. Logical volume storage concepts
    2. Logical Volume Manager
    3. Managing physical volumes
    4. Managing volume groups
    5. Managing logical volumes
    6. Managing journaled file systems
    7. Troubleshooting file system problems
    8. Summary of LVM commands
    9. Quiz
    10. Exercises
  11. System paging space
    1. Paging space overview
    2. Managing paging spaces
    3. Quiz
    4. Exercises
  12. System backup, restores, and availability
    1. The mksysb command
    2. Backing up user information
    3. Restoring information from backup media
    4. Cloning your system
    5. Creating a duplicate copy of a diskette
    6. Duplicating a magnetic tape
    7. Special file notes for rmt
    8. High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing (HACMP)
    9. Quiz
    10. Exercises
  13. System Resource Controller administration
    1. Starting the SRC
    2. Restarting the SRC
    3. The startsrc command
    4. The syslogd daemon
    5. Refreshing a daemon
    6. The cron daemon
    7. Quiz
    8. Exercises
  14. Network administration
    1. Network startup at boot time
    2. Stopping and restarting TCP/IP daemons
    3. System boot without starting rc.tcpip
    4. The inetd daemon
    5. The portmap daemon
    6. Internet addressing
    7. Host name resolution
    8. New adapter considerations
    9. Enabling IP forwarding
    10. Adding network routes
    11. Changing IP addresses using SMIT
    12. The ifconfig command
    13. Network security
    14. The uname command
    15. Basic network problem determination
    16. Quiz
    17. Exercises
  15. Network File System administration
    1. NFS services
    2. Planning, installation, and configuration of NFS
    3. Administration of NFS servers and clients
    4. NFS files, commands, and daemons reference
    5. NFS problem determination
    6. Quiz
    7. Exercises
  16. System performance
    1. System dynamics and workload
    2. Overview of system performance
    3. Base Operating System tools
    4. Controlling resource usage
    5. Performance analysis
    6. Quiz
    7. Exercises
  17. User administration
    1. Overview
    2. User administration related commands
    3. User administration related files
    4. User administration tasks
    5. Common login errors
    6. Quiz
    7. Exercises
  18. Printing
    1. Creating a new print queue
    2. The print configuration file
    3. Controlling the print queue
    4. Stopping the print queue
    5. Starting the print queue
    6. Flushing a print job
    7. How to check the print spooler
    8. Setting the time out on a printer
    9. Basic printer diagnostics checklist
    10. Quiz
    11. Exercises
  19. Sendmail and e-mail
    1. Overview of mail system
    2. Mail daemons
    3. Mail queue directory: /var/spool/mqueue
    4. Mail logs
    5. Mail aliasing and forwarding
    6. Mail addressing
    7. Storing mail
    8. Mail administrator’s reference
    9. Quiz
    10. Exercises
  20. Online documentation
    1. Installing the Web browser
    2. Installing the Web server
    3. Installing Documentation Search Service
    4. Configuring Documentation Search Service
    5. Installing online manuals
    6. Invoking Documentation Search Service
    7. Quiz
    8. Exercise
  21. The AIXwindows font server
    1. XFS server interrupts
    2. XFS keywords
    3. XFS form conventions
    4. XFS command flags
    5. Font server examples
    6. Quiz
    7. Exercises
  22. Related publications
    1. IBM Redbooks
    2. Referenced Web sites
    3. How to get IBM Redbooks
  23. Special notices
  24. Abbreviations and acronyms
  25. Back cover
  26. Index