Abbreviations and acronyms

ABIApplication Binary Interface
ACAlternating Current
ACLAccess Control List
AFPAAdaptive Fast Path Architecture
AHAuthentication Header
AIXAdvanced Interactive Executive
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
APARAuthorized Program Analysis Report
APIApplication Programming Interface
ARPAddress Resolution Protocol
ASCIAccelerated Strategic Computing Initiative
ASCIIAmerican National Standards Code for Information Interchange
ASRAddress Space Register
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
AuditRMAudit Log Resource Manager
AUIAttached Unit Interface
AWTAbstract Window Toolkit
BCTBranch on CounT
BFFBackup File Format
BIBusiness Intelligence
BINDBerkeley Internet Name Daemon
BISTBuilt-In Self-Test
BLASBasic Linear Algebra Subprograms
BLOBBinary Large ...

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