Litigation in the telecommunications industry is rampant. This is likely because of the accelerated pace of enhancement to services and equipment offered. This compendium provides a readily accessible guide to royalty rate information in the telecommunications industry based on real-world transactions. The information has been collected from reliable sources since September 1990.


Licensor: Edward G. Norris
Licensee: American Technology Corporation
Royalty: $2.50 per unit and 2% of sales

American Technology Corporation (ATC) develops and delivers innovative directed acoustic products that beam, focus, and control sound over short and long distances. By placing sound only where needed, ATC not only enhances many typical speaker applications, but ATC opens novel sound applications impossible by conventional speakers. Whether the sound application is to focus digital signage advertising on a customer at 10 feet or to protect troops by deterring threats over 500 meters, ATC offers a range of directional sound products. For the past 10 years ATC has been at the forefront of developing new acoustic innovations to project, focus, shape, and control sound, and ATC believes it has established a significant competitive advantage in its principal markets.

ATC believes it is the leader in commercializing parametric speakers, branded as HyperSonic® sound or HSS®. The company's Long Range Acoustic Device or LRAD® is pioneering ...

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