Test your knowledge

  1. The components for each device in Intel IoT Analytics can be either:
    1. Actuator or time series.
    2. Account, actuator or time series.
    3. Proxy, account, actuator or time series.
  2. Each time we publish data from a registered device to Intel IoT Analytics, we create:
    1. An actuator.
    2. An account.
    3. An observation.
  3. A time series is:
    1. A series of actions performed by an actuator, that is, a collection of actions.
    2. A series of values captured from a sensor, that is, a collection of observations.
    3. A series of triggered alarms, that is, a collection of alarms.
  4. We can use the following command-line utility to activate our board as a device in an Intel IoT Analytics account:
    1. iotkit-admin
    2. iotkit-configure
    3. iotkit-setup
  5. In order to send observations from a device with the ...

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