What I have learned about goal setting and pursuing your passions is that you will be tested. The simple art of working towards your goal brings out your true character; it unveils the best in you, and the worst in you sometimes. You will be frustrated and delighted. You will pay a price; however, when you pursue something worthwhile, it is always an investment, not a cost. Some goals will be achieved more quickly than you anticipated, while others will take longer than you expected.


Buddha himself thought . . .


What you do now is about working your plan, being tenacious when confronted with challenges and showing grit when those roadblocks are sent to test you. Understand that tenacity wins every race. I believe every challenge that is placed in front of us is sent to test our resolve.

The universe has a way of asking the question ‘Are you serious about achieving this goal?’ The road towards your goal will be filled with character-building opportunities that may very well be preparing you for a future challenge. As Albert Einstein said after many failed experiments, ‘Adversity introduces a man to himself.’

Not everything will work out for you straightaway. What if you started ...

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