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Java Enterprise in a Nutshell, Third Edition by William Crawford, Jim Farley

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About the Authors

Jim Farley is a technology strategist, architect, manager, and author. His current focus is his role as the technology solutions architect for the Harvard Business School, working to assemble enterprise systems for both the instructional and back-office operations at the school. Jim also consults for various organizations in strategic technology and development, lectures in the computer science department at Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education, and publishes articles in a number of forums. Jim’s history with computing, enterprise and otherwise, has spanned numerous domains, including manufacturing, artificial intelligence, multimedia, collaboration tools, and content management.

William Crawford has developed web-based enterprise applications since 1995, including one of the first web-based electronic medical record systems, and some of the first enterprise-level uses of Java. He’s also consulted for Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical Center, and several Fortune 500 companies. He was chief technology officer at Invantage, Inc., and principal software architect at Perceptive, Informatics, Inc. He is also the coauthor of O’Reilly’s J2EE Design Patterns and Java Servlet Programming. Will has taken a temporary leave from enterprise Java development to pursue MBA and MS degrees at MIT.

Prakash Malani has extensive experience in architecting, designing, and developing software in many application domains, such as entertainment, finance, retail, medicine, communications, and interactive television. He practices and mentors leading technologies such as J2EE, the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and XML. Prakash also teaches (and preaches) best practices and design patterns at institutions such as California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. He has published various articles in industry-leading publications including JavaWorld and WebLogic Developers Journal.

John G. Norman has been developing web-based products and services for more than 10 years, and has been working with technology since he was introduced in the mid 1970s to an IBM 1130 running FORTRAN and APL. Since 1999 he’s worked on social networking products, business analytics, and e-commerce at companies such as Cambridge Incubator, Veritas Medicine, Elytics, and http://H3.com, where he is currently the chief software architect. John has taught literature at Ohio State, new media at the New School, and engineering at Harvard University’s Extension Division. He holds a PhD in English literature from Harvard.

Justin Gehtland, a professional programmer, instructor, speaker, and pundit since 1992, has developed real-world applications using VB, COM, .NET, Java, Perl, and a slew of obscure technologies since relegated to the trash heap of history. His focus on “connected” applications led him to COM+, ASP/ASP.NET, and JSP. Justin is the coauthor of Effective Visual Basic and Windows Forms Programming in Visual Basic .NET (both Addison-Wesley). He is currently the Agility columnist on TheServerSide.NET, works as a consultant through his company Relevance, LLC, and teaches for DevelopMentor.

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