Reserved Word Description
abstract An abstract class or method
assert An assertion that a condition is fulfilled
boolean The Boolean type
break Breaks out of the current loop or labeled statement
byte The 8-bit signed integer type
case A label in a switch statement
catch The handler for an exception in a try block
char The 16-bit Unicode character type
class Defines a class
const Not used
continue Skip the remainder of a loop body
default The default label in a switch statement
do A loop whose body is executed at least once
double The 64-bit double-precision floating-point type
else The alternative clause in an if statement
enum An enumeration type
extends Indicates that a class is a subclass of another class
final A value that cannot be changed after it has been initialized, a method that cannot be overridden, or a class that cannot be extended
finally A clause of a try block that is always executed
float The 32-bit single-precision floating-point type
for A loop with initialization, condition, and update expressions
goto Not used
if A conditional branch statement
implements Indicates that a class realizes an interface
import Allows the use of class names without the package name
instanceof Tests whether an object's type is a given type or a subtype thereof
int The 32-bit integer type
interface An abstract type with only abstract methods and constants
long The 64-bit integer type ...

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