Other Document Features

This chapter began with the assertion that it is one of the most important in the book. It is also, by necessity, one of the longest. This final section rounds out the chapter by covering a number of miscellaneous features of the Document object.

Document Properties

This chapter has already introduced Document properties such as body, document Element , and forms that refer to special elements of the document. Documents also define a few other properties of interest:


A special property that allows JavaScript programs to read and write HTTP cookies. This property is covered in Chapter 20.


A property that allows mutually trusted web servers within the same Internet domain to collaboratively relax same-origin policy security restrictions on interactions between their web pages (see Relaxing the same-origin policy).


A string that contains the modification date of the document.


This property refers to the same Location object as the location property of the Window object.


The URL of the document containing the link, if any, that brought the browser to the current document. This property has the same content as the HTTP Referer header, but it is spelled with a double r.


The text between the <title> and </title> tags for this document.


The URL of the document as a read-only String rather than as a Location object. The value of this property is the same as the initial value of location.href, but it is not dynamic like the Location ...

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