CSSRule — a rule in a CSS stylesheet


A CSSRule object represents a rule in a CSSStyleSheet: it represents style information to be applied to a specific set of document elements. selectorText is the string representation of the element selector for this rule, and style is a CSSStyleDeclaration object that represents the set of style attributes and values to apply to the selected elements.

The CSS Object Model specification actually defines a hierarchy of CSSRule subtypes to represent different kinds of rules that can appear in a CSS stylesheet. The properties listed here are properties of the generic CSSRule type and of its CSSStyleRule subtype. Style rules are the most common and most important types of rules in a stylesheet, and the ones you are most likely to script.

In IE8 and before, CSSRule objects support only the selectorText and style properties.


unsigned short STYLE_RULE = 1unsigned short IMPORT_RULE = 3unsigned short MEDIA_RULE = 4unsigned short FONT_FACE_RULE = 5unsigned short PAGE_RULE = 6unsigned short NAMESPACE_RULE = 10

These are the possible values of the type property below and they specify what kind of rule it is. If type is anything other than 1, the CSSRule object will have other properties that are not documented here.


string cssText

The complete text of this CSS rule.

readonly CSSRule parentRule

The rule, if any, within which this rule is contained.

readonly CSSStyleSheet parentStyleSheet

The stylesheet within which this rule is contained. ...

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