Package net.jxta.resolver


This package contains classes that define and interact with the JXTA resolver service. The resolver service is used to send generic queries to peers and receive replies from peers. The resolver service is used by the peergroup for a variety of tasks: the pipe service, for example, uses the resolver service to find the correct endpoints to connect an input pipe to an output pipe. The resolver service handles authentication of the messages it receives and drops invalid messages.

Though it is an important low-level JXTA service, most applications and services do not interact directly with the resolver. You use the resolver service only if you need to change the way in which the peergroup binds particular advertisements to resources. The class hierarchy for this package is shown in Figure 9-16.

The net.jxta.resolver package

Figure 9-16. The net.jxta.resolver package


public interface GenericResolver;
public interface QueryHandler;
public interface ResolverService extends net.jxta.service.Service, GenericResolver;

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