This class is used for argument processing. It is constructed with the arguments to be parsed and a string that represents valid options. Each letter in the string of valid options represents a different legal option (e.g., “-c”); there is no support for single arguments longer than one letter (e.g., “-count”). A colon in the list of valid options indicates that the preceding option requires an argument (e.g., “-c 3”). A semi-colon means that the preceding option is optional.

After initializing the GetOpt object, you make repeated calls to the getNextOption( ) method, which returns the next option in the argument string (or -1 if no more arguments are available). If an option requires an argument, you may retrieve it from the getNextOption( ) method. The getNextOption( ) method throws an exception if it finds an illegal argument or an option that requires an argument but no argument is found.

public class GetOpt {
// Public Constructors
   public GetOpt(String[ ] argv, String optionString);  
// Public Instance Methods
   public int getNextOption() throws IllegalArgumentException;
   public int getNextOptionIndex();  
   public String getOptionArg();  

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