This class defines the cryptographic operations available within the core bindings. Instances of this class are constructed directly. You use the JXTA crypto object to obtain the appropriate cryptographic objects (such as cipher objects). Because you construct it directly, use of this class is common.

The operations supported by the suite depend on how it is constructed. The JxtaCrypto interface defines a number of constants that indicate which operations should be supported—e.g., PROFILE_RSA_RC4_SHA1 indicates that the suite should support RSA keys, SHA-1 hashes, and RC4 encryption. The specific signature and MAC algorithms that should be supported are indicated by the remaining arguments and must complement those operations specified in the profile.

If the operations to be supported include those based on RSA keys (which is essentially everything except RC4 ciphers), you must initialize the suite with the RSA public/private key you want to use. You can do this with an RSA key returned by the KeyBuilder class (in this case the RSA key does not need to be initialized before the JxtaCryptoSuite object is created, though it still needs to be initialized before attempting any cryptographic operation).

The JxtaCryptoSuite object does not provide an object capable of key exchange.

public class JxtaCryptoSuite implements {
// Public Constructors
   public JxtaCryptoSuite(byte profileType, ...

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