This interface represents the data used to initialize an RSA private key. Instances of this object are obtained from the getPublickey( ) method of the PublicKeyAlgorithm class for existing public keys.

The JXTA bindings do not define a mechanism that can transmit this data to another peer. In practice, the data could be transmitted in serialized form and used to create the public key by calling the setPublickey( ) method of the PublicKeyAlgorithm class.

public class RSAPublickeyData implements PublickeyData {
// Public Constructors
   public RSAPublickeyData();  
   public RSAPublickeyData( pubKey);
// Property Accessor Methods (by property name)
   public byte[ ] getModulus();                          
// default:null
   public void setModulus(byte[ ] newModulus);  
   public int getModulusLength();  
   public byte[ ] getPublicExponent();                   
// default:null
   public void setPublicExponent(byte[ ] pubExponent);  
   public int getPublicExponentLength();  
   public String getType();                                     
// Implements:PublickeyData default:"RSA”
                  // Methods Implementing PublickeyData
   public String getType();                                     
// default:"RSA”

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