Self-test questions

Q1. The browser will allow camera and microphone access even if the current page is opened as a file and not being served from a web server. True or false?

Q2. Which one of the following is not a correct browser prefix?

  1. webkitGetUserMedia
  2. mozGetUserMedia
  3. blinkGetUserMedia
  4. msGetUserMedia

Q3. The getUserMedia API will call the third argument as a function if an error happens while obtaining the camera or microphone stream. True or false?

Q4. Which one of the following does constraining the video stream not help with?

  1. Securing the video stream
  2. Saving processing power
  3. Providing a good user experience
  4. Saving bandwidth

Q5. The getUserMedia API can be combined with the Canvas API and CSS filters to add even more features to your application. ...

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