Self-test questions

Q1. The technologies you can use to secure your signaling server include:

  1. HTTPS
  2. WSS
  3. OAuth
  4. All of the above

Q2. The biggest problem when supporting mobile users is the resolution of the camera on their mobile device. True or False?

Q3. What is a large concern when building a mesh network?

  1. The OS of the user's computer
  2. The browser that each user is running on
  3. The bandwidth available on the user's network
  4. What OAuth method the user logged in with

Q4. A star network is where everyone connects to one host node in the network and this node serves all the other users. True or False?

Q5. Mesh networks give the most optimal user experience in favor of ease of development and low cost to the developer. True or False?

Q6. An MCU-based network is most ...

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