10 rules

  1 Answer who, what, why?

  2 Identify, don’t explain

  3 Understand limitations

  4 Be seductive

  5 Make mnemonic value

  6 Pose a question

  7 Design for longevity

  8 Make the logo the foundation of a system

  9 Design for a variety of media

10 Be strong

1 Answer who, what, why?

Before anything begins, the most basic questions that must be asked and answered are “Who is the client?” “Who is the audience?” “What is needed?” A logo should grow organically from the answers to these questions. Rather than imposing an idea onto the problem, the problem should dictate the solution. This is a statement repeated by every design teacher. Unfortunately, it is often ignored or misunderstood. It does not mean that the whims of the client should ...

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