MacBook Air Portable Genius, 4th Edition

Book description

You'll fly through your work with these MacBook Air tips and tricks

Packed with tips and techniques on everything from how to get started with the MacBook Air notebook to getting the most out of all its latest features and accessories, this fun, hip, and portable guide has just what you need to take flight. Veteran author Paul McFedries covers a slew of new topics, including improved graphics on the new Air, setting up the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, using the new, iPhone-like multitrack touchpad, and more. You'll save time and hassle and discover how to do the things you need most.

  • Offers timesaving and helpful tips to both novice and intermediate users of Apple hardware

  • Covers all the key skills, tools, and shortcuts you need to become productive with your MacBook Air

  • Helps you maximize all the power and new features of the very latest MacBook Air

  • Includes Genius icons to show you the smartest way to do things

  • Saves you time and hassle, avoids fluff, and doesn't skimp on the essentials

MacBook Air Portable Genius, 4th Edition helps you get more out of your MacBook Air with practical tips and timesaving advice.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Title Page
  4. Chapter 1: How Do I Connect Devices?
    1. Connecting Thunderbolt Devices
    2. Connecting an External Display
    3. Connecting MacBook Air to Another Mac
    4. Connecting and Sharing a Printer
    5. Connecting and Sharing Cameras and Other Imaging Devices
  5. Chapter 2: How Do I Make Wireless Connections?
    1. Connecting to a Wireless Network
    2. Setting Up a Remote DVD Drive
    3. Exchanging Files Wirelessly with AirDrop
    4. Viewing the MacBook Air Screen on Your TV
    5. Transferring Settings Wirelessly from Another Mac
    6. Working with Bluetooth Devices
  6. Chapter 3: How Do I Synchronize MacBook Air with Other Devices?
    1. Synchronizing with an iPod, iPad, or iPhone
    2. Synchronizing with iCloud
  7. Chapter 4: How Do I Use MacBook Air to Organize My Life?
    1. Managing Your Contacts
    2. Managing Your Appointments
    3. Working with Notes and Reminders
    4. Customizing the Notification Center
  8. Chapter 5: How Do I Use MacBook Air to Set Up My Online Accounts?
    1. Using Twitter
    2. Working with Flickr
    3. Setting Up Vimeo
    4. Getting More Out of iCloud
  9. Chapter 6: Can MacBook Air Help Me Communicate More Effectively?
    1. Improving Your E-mail Life
    2. Sending Instant Messages
    3. Video Calling with FaceTime
  10. Chapter 7: How Do I Locate and Protect a Lost MacBook Air?
    1. Activating Find My Mac
    2. Locating Your MacBook Air on a Map
    3. Sending a Message to Your MacBook Air
    4. Remotely Locking the Data on Your MacBook Air
    5. Remotely Deleting the Data on Your MacBook Air
  11. Chapter 8: How Do I Keep MacBook Air Running Smoothly?
    1. Routine MacBook Air Maintenance
    2. Preparing for Trouble
    3. Restoring MacBook Air
  12. Chapter 9: How Do I Maintain the Battery?
    1. Understanding the MacBook Air Battery
    2. Tracking Battery Usage
    3. Saving Energy When Using Battery Power
    4. Cycling the MacBook Air Battery
    5. Replacing the Battery
  13. Chapter 10: How Do I Maintain the Hard Drive?
    1. Monitoring the Hard Drive’s Free Space
    2. Checking the Hard Drive’s Status
    3. Verifying the Hard Drive
    4. Replacing the Hard Drive
  14. Chapter 11: How Do I Solve MacBook Air Problems?
    1. General Software Troubleshooting Techniques
    2. General Hardware Troubleshooting Techniques
  15. Chapter 12: How Do I Solve Specific Software Problems?
    1. You Can’t Change Some Options in System Preferences
    2. You Can’t Install a Downloaded Program
    3. A Program Is Stuck
    4. A Process Is Stuck
    5. Solving Program Problems
    6. You Can’t Empty the Trash
    7. You Can’t Run Administrator Commands in Terminal
    8. You Can’t Send E-mail
    9. Repairing Remote Disc Woes
    10. Time Machine No Longer Backs Up to an External Hard Drive
    11. Solving Safari Troubles
    12. You Can’t Specify a Different Time Zone for a Calendar Event
  16. Chapter 13: How Do I Solve Specific Hardware Problems?
    1. Your MacBook Air Won’t Start
    2. Your MacBook Air Says You Don’t Have Enough Memory
    3. Your MacBook Air Runs Slowly
    4. Your Trackpad, Mouse, or Keyboard Doesn’t Work
    5. Your Display Is Garbled
    6. Your MacBook Air SuperDrive Won’t Work
    7. You Have Trouble Accessing a Wireless Network
    8. Your Sound Isn’t Working
  17. Appendix A: MacBook Air Online Resources
    1. Official Apple Sites
    2. More Mac Sites
  18. Appendix B: MacBook Air Shortcut Keys
    1. Start-up Shortcuts
    2. Restart and Shutdown Shortcuts
    3. Application Shortcuts
    4. Finder Shortcuts
    5. Safari Shortcuts
    6. Miscellaneous Shortcuts
  19. Appendix C: MacBook Air Multi-Touch Gestures
    1. One-Finger Gestures
    2. Two-Finger Gestures
    3. Three-Finger Gestures
    4. Four-Finger Gestures
  20. Appendix D: Running Windows on MacBook Air
    1. Dual-Boot or Virtualization (or Both!)?
    2. What You Need to Run Boot Camp
    3. Getting MacBook Air Ready for Boot Camp
    4. Creating a Partition for Windows
    5. Installing Windows
  21. Glossary

Product information

  • Title: MacBook Air Portable Genius, 4th Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118370209