The following POJO class expresses the idea and the data format that we will save in Firebase. Using the POJO class we will pass the data to the adapter:

package com.ashok.packt.realtime.database.model;/** * Created by ashok.kumar on 20/10/17. */public class Donor {    private String FullName;    private String Email;    private String City;    private String BloodGroup;    public Donor(){    }

Now within the same class lets create a constructor for passing the data to the POJO:

    public Donor(String fullName, String email, String city, String bloodGroup) {        FullName = fullName;        Email = email;        City = city;        BloodGroup = bloodGroup;    }    public String getFullName() {        return FullName;    }    public void setFullName(String fullName) {        FullName = fullName;    }    public ...

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