Microsoft® Office Live Small Business: Take Your Business Online

Book description

Learn how to use Microsoft Office Live and take your business online! In this tutorial, well-known author and columnist Katherine Murray gives you an insider s look at the features and capabilities of Microsoft Office Live offerings: Office Live Basics, Office Live Collaboration, and Office Live Essentials. Small businesses with fewer than 10 employees finally have the online capabilities they need to more easily and more affordably establish an online presence, automate key business tasks, and collaborate. With this practical tutorial, you ll discover how to create, manage, and track statistics for your business Web site; manage and store critical business information; and improve business processes. You ll even learn how to stay in touch from synching up with Office Live Mail, to using on-demand business applications to collaborate and accomplish tasks from anywhere in the world with Internet access. Part inspiration and part how-to, this guide offers real-world techniques you can use to hit the ground running with Microsoft Office Live!

Offers an expert overview and exclusive insights from a well-known author, with input from the Microsoft Office Live product group

Includes practical tutorials, case studies, and real-world techniques for managing your small business

Helps you choose the offerings that are right for your business

Shows you how to take your business online create and manage a Web site, market your site, and track site statistics

Table of contents

  1. Microsoft® Office Live Small Business: Take Your Business Online!
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    2. Introduction
      1. What Is Office Live Small Business?
      2. Who Is This Book For?
      3. What’s In This Book?
      4. Special Features
    3. 1. Your Small Business on the Web
      1. The State of the Web Today
        1. The Global Web
        2. Improvements on the Local Scene
      2. Small Businesses on the Web
        1. Web Challenges for the Small Business
      3. Getting Your Business on the Web
        1. Your Online Identity
        2. Working Around the Clock
        3. Searching and Finding
      4. Online Sales and Marketing—It’s Your World
        1. Popular Sites and Categories
        2. Marketing for Success
        3. Marketing Challenges for the Small Business
      5. Managing Your Business Information
      6. What’s Next
    4. 2. Introducing Microsoft Office Live Small Business
      1. Your Web Site, Your Way
      2. Stay in Touch with Office Live Mail
      3. Get Organized Online with Calendars and Contacts
      4. Sell Products on Your Site
      5. Advertise Online with Search Marketing
      6. Create E-Mail Marketing Campaigns
      7. Know Your Web Traffic
      8. Manage Your Business Data
      9. Cultivate Your Client Relationships
      10. Your Account, Your Way
      11. What’s Next
    5. 3. Getting Started with Microsoft Office Live Small Business
      1. System Requirements for Office Live
      2. Creating Your Office Live Small Business Account
      3. A Look Around the Office Live Small Business Window
        1. Links for Success
        2. Getting Started
      4. Introducing Office Live Small Business Services
        1. The Free Stuff: Core Services
          1. Get on the Web—Today
          2. Stay in Sync with E-Mail and Scheduling
          3. Manage Business Information Effectively
        2. Growing Your Business: Add-On Services
      5. Setting Up Your Web Site Account
        1. Perks and Benefits—and How It All Works
        2. Getting Started on Your Site
        3. Setting Site Permissions
      6. Working with Domains
        1. Registering Your Domain Name
        2. Using Your Existing Domain
        3. Managing Your Domains
          1. Choose a Primary Domain
          2. Rename a Domain
          3. Change Domain Properties
      7. Creating E-Mail Accounts
      8. Working with Account Settings
        1. Adding User Accounts
        2. Setting Up Site Alerts
      9. Where to Go for Help
      10. What’s Next
    6. 4. Designing Your Site
      1. Introducing the Web Tools
        1. Page Manager
        2. Site Designer
        3. Page Editor
      2. Choosing a Theme and a Header Style
      3. Working with Colors and Fonts
        1. Choosing Fonts
      4. Setting Page Headers and Footers
      5. Adding Text to Your Site
      6. Formatting and Editing Text
        1. Changing the Look of Headings
        2. Creating a Bulleted List
      7. Uploading Your Images
        1. Preparing to Upload Images
        2. Adding Art to the Image Uploader
        3. Adding Images to the Web Page
        4. Setting Text Wrap Around Images
      8. Adding Hyperlinks
      9. Adding a Logo to Your Site
      10. Adding Pages
      11. Selecting a Navigation Style
        1. Choosing Navigation Pages
        2. Making Navigation Changes
      12. Adding Keyword and Description Metatags
      13. Previewing Your Site
      14. Organizing Site Resources
        1. Image Gallery
        2. Document Gallery
      15. What’s Next
    7. 5. Taking Your Site to the Next Level
      1. Changing Page Layout
      2. Adding Tables
        1. Modifying Tables
        2. Adjusting Table Properties
      3. Enhancing Your Site Functionality with Web Modules
        1. Adding a Web Module
        2. Moving a Module
        3. Resizing a Module
        4. Contact Us Module
        5. HTML Module
          1. Adding Video to Your Site
        6. Map & Directions Module
        7. Slide Show Module
        8. Live Spaces Blog Module
        9. Stock List Module
        10. Weather Module
        11. Form Designer Module
        12. List Publisher Module
      4. Using Advanced Web Features
        1. Activating Advanced Features
        2. Working with a Style Sheet
        3. Saving a Page as a Template
      5. What’s Next
    8. 6. Tracking Your Web Statistics
      1. Why Is It Important to Track Your Site?
      2. Getting Started with Reports
      3. The Big Picture: Overview Reports
        1. Adding a Marketing Event
        2. Top Traffic Drivers
      4. Understanding Your Visitors
        1. Setting Report Dates
      5. Displaying Site Usage
      6. Reviewing Referring Sources
      7. Tracking Keywords
      8. Checking Page Usage Views
      9. Displaying System Statistics
      10. Reviewing Administration Reports
        1. Working with Conversion Points
        2. Getting Code for Other Sites
        3. Downloading Reports
      11. What’s Next
    9. 7. Staying in Sync with Microsoft Office Live Small Business Mail
      1. Getting Started with Office Live Mail
        1. The E-Mail Fast Track
        2. Getting Back to Office Live Small Business
      2. Checking, Creating, and Sending E-Mail
        1. E-Mail Basics in Office Live Small Business
          1. Reading Your Messages
          2. Replying to a Message
          3. Composing a New Message
          4. Organizing Your Mail by Using Mail Folders
        2. Streamlining Message Filing with Filters
        3. Getting the Spam Out
          1. Marking as Junk or Not Junk
          2. Marking Senders as Safe or Unsafe
          3. Using Junk Mail Filtering
      3. Working with Contacts
        1. Adding a New Contact
        2. Importing Contacts
      4. Instant Messaging Peers, Vendors, and Clients
        1. Downloading Windows Live Messenger
        2. Using Windows Live Messenger
          1. Setting Up Windows Live Messenger
            1. Change Your Display Name
            2. Add a Photo
            3. Add a Brand Statement
        3. Sending and Receiving Instant Messages
      5. Updating Your Calendar
        1. Adding an Appointment
        2. Sharing Your Calendar
        3. Adding Tasks and Notes
      6. What’s Next
    10. 8. Selling Products Online
      1. What Is Store Manager?
      2. Activating Store Manager
      3. Getting Started with Store Manager
        1. Setting Up Shipping
      4. Getting Ready to Process Payments
      5. Creating Your Product Pages
        1. Adding Product Information and Price
        2. Writing Product Descriptions
        3. Creating and Using Categories
        4. Assigning Keywords to Your Products
        5. Choosing Product Photos
        6. Finishing the Product Page
        7. Preparing to List with eBay
      6. Listing Your Products
      7. Turning on Your Shopping Cart
      8. Activating Your Store
      9. What’s Next
    11. 9. Promoting Your Business
      1. Advertising on the Web
      2. Getting Started with Online Promotions
      3. Setting Up adManager
      4. Creating an Ad
        1. Selecting Keywords for Your Ad
        2. Displaying Ad Summaries
        3. Reporting Ad Results
      5. Creating E-Mail Marketing Campaigns
        1. Activating E-Mail Marketing
        2. Creating a Campaign
      6. What’s Next
    12. 10. Working with Business Applications
      1. A Quick Look at Business Applications
      2. Getting Started with Contact Manager
        1. Exploring the Contact Manager Window
        2. Creating a New Contact
        3. Creating a Company Account
        4. Creating an Opportunity
        5. Adding a Product
      3. A Quick Look at the Business Applications Window
      4. Working with Document Manager
        1. Adding Documents
        2. Viewing Documents
        3. Managing Libraries
      5. Using the Team Workspace
      6. Adding Business Applications
        1. Deleting an Application
      7. What’s Next
    13. 11. Working with Microsoft Office Live Workspace
      1. Introducing Office Live Workspace
      2. Anatomy of an Office Live Workspace
      3. Adding Documents to a Workspace
        1. Uploading Individual Files
        2. Uploading Multiple Files
      4. Working with Documents
        1. Changing a Document
          1. Editing a Document
          2. Saving, Modifying, and Uploading a Document
      5. Sharing Your Workspace
        1. Sharing a Document
        2. Sharing a Screen
      6. What’s Next
    14. 12. Using the Resource Center
      1. Getting Free, Fast Phone and E-Mail Support
      2. Exploring the Resource Center
      3. Displaying How-To Articles
      4. Getting Help from Your Peers
        1. Getting Familiar with the Forums
        2. Reading a Forum Post
        3. Adding a Forum Post
      5. Viewing Blogs
      6. Now It’s Your Turn
    15. A. About the Author
    16. Index
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Product information

  • Title: Microsoft® Office Live Small Business: Take Your Business Online
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2008
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 9780735623712