Web Service Utility (wsdl.exe)

wsdl.exe helps create ASP.NET Web Services and proxies for their clients. The most common usage of wsdl.exe is to generate proxy classes for web services:

wsdl /command:proxy 

The path parameter is a local path to a service-description file or URI where the SDL file can be retrieved. The language parameter specifies the language for the output-proxy source file. It can be C#, VB, or JS. The generated class will be in the specified namespace. The output source file is controlled by the output option. The protocol controls which protocol the proxy will use to communicate with the Web Service. The choices of protocols provided by the .NET Framework are SOAP, HttpGet, and HttpPost. You can also have your own protocol here if you’ve extended the ProtocolInfoImporter class.

For short names options, use the following.

wsdl /c:proxy 

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