Code Walkthrough

The following code walkthrough includes only the code most relevant to the functionality of the DynSqlSelectStmts class. To view the source code in its entirety, see Example 6-6 later in this chapter.

The example source file (refer to Example 6-5) is referenced throughout the code walkthrough to help you better understand the class implementation of DynSqlSelectStmts.

The DynSqlSelectStmts class imports the net.sourceforge.pmd.ast package, much like other PMD rules. Where this rule differs is the org.apache.regexp package, which provides an API for building regular expressions.


import net.sourceforge.pmd.ast.*;

import org.apache.regexp.*;
import java.util.*;
import java.text.MessageFormat;


You can download the regexp package from the Apache Jakarta Project web site at You can substitute this package for any other available Java API supporting regular expressions.

Similar to other PMD rules, DynSqlSelectStmts extends the AbstractRule base class. The debug class variable controls the printing of debug statements to standard out at runtime:

                  public class DynSqlSelectStmts extends AbstractRule {
    private static boolean debug = true;


If you’re working with PMD for the first time, you’ll want to leave debug set to true.

The PATTERN variable is initialized with the select.+from string—a regular expression to identify SQL select statements. The syntax of this regular expression ...

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