Chapter 2: Understanding Network Protocols and Standards

In This Chapter

check.png Discovering protocols

check.png Deciphering the layers of the OSI reference model

check.png Understanding an Ethernet

check.png Getting the inside scoop on TCP/IP and IPX/SPX

check.png Finding out about other important protocols

Protocols and standards make networks work together. Protocols make it possible for the various components of a network to communicate with each other, and standards make it possible for different manufacturers’ network components to work together. This chapter introduces you to the protocols and standards that you’re most likely to encounter when building and maintaining a network.

Understanding Protocols

A protocol is simply a set of rules that enable effective communications to occur. You encounter protocols every day and probably don’t even realize it. When you pay for groceries with a debit card, the clerk tells you how much the groceries cost, and then you swipe your debit card in the card reader, punch in your security ...

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