Chapter 4: Understanding Network Operating Systems

In This Chapter

check.png Understanding what network operating systems do

check.png Figuring out the advantages of Windows Server 8

check.png Taking a look at other Windows Server versions

check.png Delving into peer-to-peer networking

check.png Exploring other network operating systems

One of the basic choices that you must make is which network operating system (NOS) to use as the foundation for your network. This chapter begins with a description of several important features found in all NOSes. Then it provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular NOSes.

Network Operating System Features

All NOSes, from the simplest to the most complex, must provide certain core functions: connect to other computers on the network, share files and other resources, provide for security, and so on. In the following sections, I describe some of these core NOS features in general terms.

Network support

An NOS must support a wide variety of networking protocols to meet ...

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