As much as possible, we tried to avoid jargon or consultantspeak. When we felt compelled to use words with special meanings in the context of onboarding, we included them here.
Accelerate: Help new employees and their teams be more productive faster.
Accommodate: Give new team members the tools they need to do work.
Acquire: In this case, identifying, recruiting, selecting, and getting people to agree to joining the team—one of the early steps in a total onboarding program.
Alignment: Getting everyone going in the same direction, positioned relative to each other so that together they achieve the desired results.
Assimilate: Help new employees join with others so that they can work together.
Blog: A Web log, online compilation of thoughts, stories, comments, and so on.
Brokers: A person acting as an agent for someone else or an intermediary.
Buddy: Someone looking out for someone else—particularly useful in assimilating a new employee.
Coach: Someone to teach, train, and guide a new employee (or anyone else).
Cohort: Group of people with something in common (like starting new jobs at the same time).
Connectors: People who connect others to helpful people or resources.
EASE: Encourage, Align, Solve, and End.
Employment brand: How your organization is perceived by current, future, and past employees.
Engagement: Being actively involved in something. (In this case, caring about your job and organization.)
Flipping: An online-research tactic that allows recruiters to pinpoint ...

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