Offset, 321
error, 186–187, 187f
inverting attenuation
with negative offset, 56, 57f
with positive offset, 56, 56f
with zero offset, 55, 56f
matrix, 53–54, 53t
noninverting attenuation
with negative offset, 54, 55f
with positive offset, 54, 55f
with zero offset, 54, 54f
noninverting gain circuit
with input bias current balancing, 165f
with low DC offset, 165f
“null” function, 162–163
output, 162–165
op amp package with offset null pins, 163f
possible offset null correction, 163f
Ohm’s law, 363–364, 364f, 401
1/f noise, See Flicker noise
One-slope system, 71–72
Op amp noise theory
characterization, 397–400
multiple noise sources, 399
noise floor, 398
noise units, 399–400
RMS vs. P–P noise, 397, 398f
signal-to-noise ratio, 398

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