Chapter 11

Managing Your PayPal Payments

In This Chapter

  • Viewing transactions older than seven days
  • Downloading data for your transactions
  • Understanding the Merchant Sales Report
  • Reviewing transaction disputes
  • Your transaction log

The first page you generally see after logging on to your PayPal account (sometimes PayPal displays a promotional page) is your Account Overview. Unless you already filed selected items, you can see a list of all transactions conducted in the past seven days.

In the Account Overview, you get the file type for each item whether the payment was from you or to you, the name or e-mail of the person/entity the transaction was with, the date and status of the transaction, a link for more details, a button for any actions that can be performed for that item (for example, shipping), the amount of the transaction, and any fees charged by PayPal. The Account Overview is useful, but what if you want to see older transaction data? For that, you need to review your Account History.

image The Account Overview provides a lot of information, which can make it hard to quickly scan your recent transactions. If you want to see a quick summary of the recent items (the overview of the Account Overview, so to speak), click the Help link at the top of the PayPal page and type the word history in the search box. PayPal then displays a condensed version of the account activity ...

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