Our Picks

Here are the CD writers and related products we recommend:


Plextor ATAPI PlexWriter. In the past, we preferred SCSI burners for their greater performance and reliability, and recommended ATAPI burners only when cost was the top priority. That changed when Plextor introduced the ATAPI 8/4/32A in early 2000, and followed it in July 2000 with the 12/10/32A. That drive was the first we’d used that had BURN-Proof technology. We found it impossible to burn coasters with that drive, even when we tried hard to do so. All recent Plextor ATAPI PlexWriters include BURN-Proof, and all are excellent products. If you want a reliable CD burner that will run for years, buy a mid- to high-end PlexWriter. Plextor PlexWriters are inexpensive, fast, robust, and work flawlessly under Windows 98/98SE/Me, 2000/XP, and NT. You simply can’t buy a better CD writer. (http://www.plextor.com)

SCSI CD-RW drive

Plextor PX-W1210TS PlexWriter 12/10/32S. We still have several Plextor SCSI burners around here, but we haven’t installed a new one recently. Plextor ATAPI burners are simply so good that there’s no longer any point to installing a SCSI unit. Although the 12X SCSI unit will remain available for the foreseeable future, Plextor announced in 2001 that they would no longer develop new SCSI models. The sole remaining bastion of SCSI CD burners is CD-R duplicators, who burn many identical CDs simultaneously. In that environment SCSI is a must-have, but for routine CD burning an ...

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