Our Picks

The choice of keyboard is above all a personal matter, but unless you have very strong preferences you’ll probably find one of the following keyboards suitable. Here are the keyboards that we use and recommend:

Standard keyboard

Microsoft Internet Keyboard and Internet Keyboard Pro. If you want a standard straight keyboard, give these serious consideration. The Internet Keyboard uses the PS/2 interface and includes dedicated hot keys to control browser functions and email, as well as two programmable hot keys and a Sleep key. The Internet Keyboard Pro uses the PS/2 or USB interface (Microsoft recommends connecting both simultaneously), adds dedicated multimedia keys (volume, play functions, etc.) and two USB ports on the back of the keyboard. Barbara uses the $35 Internet Keyboard Pro on her primary system and the $20 Internet Keyboard on her other systems. (http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/keyboard)

Ergonomic keyboard

Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite and Natural Keyboard Pro. You’ll either love or hate these “melted” keyboards. Robert loves them; Barbara hates them. The Natural Keyboard Elite is their basic ergonomic model. It uses the PS/2 interface, but includes a PS/2USB adapter. The Natural Keyboard Pro uses the PS/2 and/or USB interface, adds eight dedicated hot keys for browser functions and email, eight dedicated multimedia hot keys, two programmable hot keys, a Sleep key, and two USB ports. Robert uses the $55 Natural Keyboard Pro on his primary system and ...

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