PHP Advanced for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickPro Guide

Book description

PHP is a server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language. ItÕs frequently being used to replace the functionality created by Perl to write CGI scripts). Similar to both HTML and CGI, PHP is faster to program in and faster to execute than CGI. PHP was written specifically for Web site creation, unlike Perl, C, or Java. Companies such as Honda, Patagonia, and all have Web sites utilizing PHP. PHP Advanced for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickPro Guide consists of approximately fifteen chapters of step-by-step content, aimed at teaching specific topics in direct, focused segments. The scripts featured in this book are based on features and capabilities that current PHP users most frequently inquire about (e.g. sessions, authentication, and object-oriented programming). as well as detailing those technologies that will be more important in the future, such as XML and Wireless Access Protocols.

Table of contents

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  3. Introduction
  4. Advanced PHP Programming
    1. Code Structure and Documentation
    2. Arrays
    3. Constants
    4. Function Recursion and Static Variables
    5. References and Functions
  5. Object-Oriented Programming
    1. Defining a Class
    2. Creating an Object
    3. Creating Constructors
    4. Object Inheritance
    5. Using Class Functions Without Instances
    6. Serializing Objects
    7. Destroying Objects
  6. Databases
    1. Database Design and Normalization
    2. Creating the Database
    3. Generating Query Results
  7. Security
    1. Validating Forms
    2. Validating Forms with JavaScript
    3. Mcrypt
    4. HTTP Authentication
    5. Web Server Security
  8. Developing Web Applications
    1. Database Design
    2. Site Structure
    3. PHP and OOP Templates
    4. Sessions
    5. Using Sessions Without Cookies
    6. Debugging
    7. Error Logging and Reporting
  9. E-commerce
    1. Creating the Database
    2. Administration
    3. Showing the Products Online
    4. Writing a Shopping Cart
  10. Networking with PHP
    1. Browser Detection
    2. Accessing Other Web Sites with PHP
    3. Using fsockopen()
  11. PHP and the Server
    1. Establishing a Cron
    2. Compressing Files with PHP
    3. Using COM with PHP
  12. XML and PHP
    1. What Is XML?
    2. XML Syntax
    3. Document Type Definitions
    4. Parsing XML with PHP and Expat
    5. XML Error Handling
  13. Image Generation
    1. Creating a Simple Image
    2. Using TrueType Fonts
    3. Creating a Database-Driven Graph
    4. Saving and Building on Existing Images
  14. Creating PDFs
    1. Creating a Simple PDF
    2. Adding Text to PDFs
    3. Drawing Shapes
    4. Using Images
    5. Creating Multiple-Page PDFs
  15. Extending PHP
    1. PEAR
    2. Zend
    3. PHP-GTK
    4. PHP Source Code
  16. Installation
    1. Installing PHP with Apache on Linux
    2. Installing PHP on Windows with Xitami
    3. Installing PHP on Mac OS X with Apache
  17. Databases
    1. Database Applications
    2. SQL
    3. MySQL Resources
    4. Other Resources
  18. General Resources
    1. PHP-Specific Sites
    2. Additional Libraries
    3. Security
    4. Other Resources

Product information

  • Title: PHP Advanced for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickPro Guide
  • Author(s): Larry Ullman
  • Release date: December 2001
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780201775976