Creating an Object

Using OOP is a two-step process. The first—defining a class—you just did when you wrote the HtmlTemplate class. The second step is to make use of that class by creating an object (or a class instance).

Going back to my Human class analogy, an instance of this class may be called Jude. Jude's attributes are a gender of male, a height of about 40 inches, a weight of 35 pounds, and a birth date of November 15, 1998. Jude is one instance of the Human class and, as you may have noticed, is also a child. A second instance, Kelsey, has a female gender, a height of nearly 5 feet, a weight of 75 pounds, and a birth date of April 11, 1992. Both Jude and Kelsey are separate objects derived from the same class.

Creating an object is remarkably ...

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