Note: Page numbers followed by f indicate figures, and t indicate tables.


Active-clamp flyback converter 355, 358f
Active-clamp resonant DC link inverter 373–374, 373f
Active filters 
hybrid filters 
configuration 1366–1368, 1368f
experimental setup 1372, 1373f
passive filter quality factor 1370–1371, 1371f
power system equivalent impedance 1371, 1371f
principles of operation 1368–1370, 1368–1370f
tuned factor 1370–1372, 1372f
nonlinear load 1342
power quality problems 1343, 1343t
predictive control 
block diagram 1372–1374, 1374f
cost function 1374
current reference generator 1374–1375, 1375f
dc voltage converter 1375
discrete-time model 1374
equivalent circuit 1372, 1374f

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