Appendix A

Wikitude Support and ARML Parameters

This appendix provides information you might find helpful when working with Wikitude.


Here are some URLs that you will find useful in your Wikitude development:


ARML (augmented reality markup language) is a proposed specification that allows content developers create content for the Wikitude 4 World Browser. ARML is built on a subset of KML. The parameters detailed in Table A-1 describe the full set of tags supported by Wikitude 4.

TABLE A-1: ARML Parameters

xmlns no Standard KML namespace
xmlns:ar no Standard ARML namespace
xmlns:wikitude no Public Wikitude namespace
xmlns:wikitudeInternal no Public Wikitude namespace
ar:provider yes Identifies a content provider or content channel. Wikipedia, YouTube, or Twitter are popular separate providers. Each provider must have a unique identifier.
ar:name yes Name of the content provider. This name will be used to display the content provider in the settings and bookmarks menu of the browser.
ar:description no Name of the content provider. This name will ...

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