Appendix C

junaio Support and Parameters

This appendix provides information you might find helpful when working with junaio.


metaio has put together an excellent resource for developers building junaio channels. It is filled with useful hints, tips, How-Tos, publishing guides, and much more. Many of the samples used in this book have been written and developed by Frank Angerman of metaio. Frank is also very active in supporting developers via the official junaio support forum.

Here are some useful URLs that you will find useful in your junaio development:


Once you have mastered junaio development and released several channels, you might consider joining the junaio Certified Developer Program. The junaio Certified Developer Programs gives you the opportunity to work on exiting AR projects and also presents you with the opportunity to:

  • Become listed in the public directory of all junaio Certified Developers at
  • Receive business requests submitted to metaio by clients looking for professionals to develop AR channels on their behalf.
  • Display the official junaio Certified Developer logo on your home page or web site.
  • Be among ...

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