Chapter 14

The Future of AR


  • How AR is being used in marketing
  • How AR is being used for translation
  • How AR is being used for interactive TV
  • How AR is being used in diminishing reality
  • How AR is being used in advertising
  • How AR is being used in books and print
  • How AR is being used in hardware

So you are almost at the end of the book and what a ride it has been. You now know how to create AR applications for junaio, Layar, and Wikitude. You can create location-aware POI browsers, you can utilize 3D, and you can build channels that recognize images and that overlay 3D. You are on your way to becoming a certified AR content creator and perhaps earn money from your new skills. In this chapter, you learn about other developments in AR, what other developers a building in the AR world as a whole, and what the future likely holds for AR.


In the last year, AR has been used in a variety of marketing campaigns. I have even seen AR used on the back of breakfast cereal boxes and I’ve seen it used as to enhance gaming experience. Many examples, however, require users to interact with an AR-enabled object via their PC webcams. As smartphones become increasingly more powerful, we will see more AR marketing campaigns that can be activated through mobile devices.

When the pop band Gorillaz launched their Plastic Beach album in 2010, the advertising campaign featured a unique passport that was distributed by NME magazine. The passport enabled readers ...

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