Chapter 24ASP.NET MVC Code Downloads for this Chapter

The code downloads for this chapter are found at on the Download Code tab. The code and any related support files are located in their own folder for this chapter.

Although ASP.NET Web Forms has been and continues to be successful, it is not without criticism. Without strong discipline it is easy for business logic and data-access concerns to creep into the user interface, making it hard to test without sitting in front of a browser. It heavily abstracts away the stateless request/response nature of the web, which can make it frustrating to debug. It relies heavily on controls rendering their own HTML markup, which can make it difficult to precisely control the final output of each page.

As an alternative, the architectural pattern called Model-View-Controller (MVC) divides the parts of a user interface into three classifications with well-defined roles. This makes applications easier to test, evolve, and maintain.

The ASP.NET Framework enables you to build applications based on the MVC architecture while taking advantage of the .NET Framework's extensive set of libraries and language options. ASP.NET MVC has been developed in an open manner with many of its features shaped ...

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