Chapter 15. Newer Raspberry Pi Models

The latest additions in the Raspberry Pi family are the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 3. We did not discuss these new additions in the earlier chapters. So, let's focus on a few details of both these new members of the Raspberry Pi family.

The Raspberry Pi Zero

The size of a Raspberry Pi Zero is half the size of a Model A+. This is ideal for embedded projects where size and power requirements are stringent. Here are the specifications for the Raspberry Pi Zero:

  • A 1-GHz, single-core CPU
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • Mini HDMI and USB on-the-go ports
  • Micro USB power
  • A HAT-compatible 40-pin header
  • Composite video and reset headers

Here is an image of the Pi Zero, obtained from

There are two ways in which we can connect ...

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