Chapter 15

Understanding Circuits and Soldering

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering what a circuit is

arrow Getting familiar with GPIO

arrow Coming to grips with a soldering iron

arrow Looking at ready-made add-on boards

Part V of this book deals with what is known as physical computing, making your program reach out beyond the confines of keyboard and screen, and into the physical world. You discover how to use your Python programming skills to sense what is happening in the outside world and to control lights, motors, and in fact anything else that uses electricity. However, before you can do this safely, without risking damage to you or your Pi, you need to look at a little bit of background electrical theory, so you have a foundation to build on.

In this chapter, we show you the relevant concepts that allow you to understand why the projects look like they do and what you should avoid doing. Next we introduce you to the concept of GPIO connections, explain what they are, and look at why they are included in the Raspberry Pi computer. We also discuss how you can use them.

Although you can make the first ...

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