Abercrombie & Fitch sales regression model

five-step evaluation model

dummy variables (RUEHL, Gilly Hicks), 153–157

personal income, 145–147

seasonal dummy variables, 150–153

unemployment rate, 147–150


dummy variables (RUEHL, Gilly Hicks), 145

personal income, 143–144

seasonal dummy variables, 144

unemployment rate, 144

Adjusted coefficient of determination, 84–851

Adjusted R-square, 84–85

AIC. See Akaike information criterion

Akaike information criterion (AIC), 177

Analysis of variance (ANOVA), 86, 187

Annual values for women’s clothing sales (AWCS), 28–29, 62–63

ANOVA. See Analysis of variance

Approximate 95% confidence interval estimate

college basketball winning percentage, 72–73

concept of, 66–68

market share multiple ...

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