Chapter 9

Using the Slip Billing Arrangement

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding slip values and billed slip values

arrow Changing the billed value of an individual slip

arrow Changing billed values for tasks or expenses

arrow Changing billed values for a client

Sage Timeslips uses the term billing arrangements to describe the agreement you make with your client concerning the way you charge the client for work you perform. The standard and most typical billing arrangement is the slip-based arrangement, which displays the details of the work you’ve performed by printing the slips you record in Timeslips on your client’s bill. Effectively, when you use the slip-based billing arrangement, you bill for the time you spend.

webextras.eps Even though you might use the slip-based billing arrangement, you can control the amount of detail that Timeslips prints on the bill by using replacement slips. See this book’s website at for an article that describes how to use replacement slips.

You ...

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