I’d like to take a moment to give an impassioned thank you to the following people:

Michael and Maris Herz, your dear, sweet souls have nurtured me from the very beginning of my ascent into 40 years of failed filmmaking.

Jerome Rudes, who thought what I had to say was worth committing to paper. Ha!


•  Elinor Actipis •  Jeremy Howell
•  Renzo Adler •  IFTA
•  Zack Beins •  Thomas Jefferson
•  Danielle Black •  Allison Jones
•  Karen Black •  Jason Kalmanowitz
•  Travis Campbell •  Charles Kaufman
•  Tze Chun •  Charlotte Kaufman
•  Jason Connell •  Lily-Hayes Kaufman
•  Annie Cron •  Lisbeth Kaufman
•  David Cronenberg •  Pat Kaufman
•  Michele Cronin •  Sigrun Kaufman
•  Lisa Eastman •  Susan Kaufman ...

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