Understanding SharePoint 2010 Service Applications

By Reza Alirezaei

This chapter is focused on helping you understand services in SharePoint 2010. The objective is to make you familiar with the new services architecture in SharePoint 2010, and how this architecture is used in the platform to offer new or improved functionality. The chapter then covers some of the architectural principals and guidelines that help you understand the topics discussed in the other chapters of this book.

The content presented in this chapter targets architects and administrators planning their SharePoint 2010 farm topologies, but the chapter will also be useful for anyone working with the product.


SharePoint 2010 presents a significant improvement over previous versions in the manner that its services are deployed and consumed. Simply put, a new model has been designed to improve the scalability of the platform, and to offer tremendously exciting opportunities for the customers and third-party companies to take the core capabilities of the platform to the next level.

Bye-Bye Shared Service Provider

In SharePoint 2010, services are no longer available via Shared Services Provider (SSP). Instead, the infrastructure of hosting services moves into SharePoint Foundation 2010, and all services follow a new model known as service applications.

images By itself, the term “service application” ...

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