Business Collaboration Services

By Bill Baer

Today's business environment has become increasingly competitive. Information workers must respond quicker and, in turn, collaborate more effectively to enhance the growth and performance of the enterprise. Information (and its ready access) plays an increasingly important role in the operations of today's business, and the role of the information worker has expanded in scope as a result.

By improving the efficiency of information workers, an enterprise can improve overall competitiveness, as well as streamline information searches, processing, analysis, and sharing.

In the context of this chapter, business collaboration services is defined as services that empower the information worker to more effectively collaborate on and share information across the enterprise. This chapter provides an overview of business collaboration features in SharePoint 2010.


Business collaboration features in SharePoint 2010 are designed to enable rapid collaboration through the packaging of the core capabilities within site templates, each designed to support a specific scenario (such as team-based collaboration, or simple informal information sharing). At the core of these capabilities are team and project sites, Document Workspace sites, Meeting Workspace sites, Blog sites, and Enterprise Wiki sites.

Team and Project Sites

As shown in Figure 26-1, team sites are the building blocks of collaboration in SharePoint ...

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