Chapter 26. Introduction to 3D


This chapter covers
  • Using the Silverlight/XNA API and templates
  • Understanding vertices and primitives
  • Creating and rendering basic 3D geometry


Some of you may remember the Commodore Amiga computer. I never owned one (I had a Commodore 128 and then an IBM PS/1 286, after which I built every PC I’ve owned), but my best friend had the cool Amiga 500,[1] only slightly tarnished with my drool. The thing that made the Amiga series so famous when first released was this one demo called the Boing ball. The Boing ball was a 3D red-and-white ball that bounced across the screen, with basic physics, shading, and a sound that made it seem like the ball was full of cement and old cars or something (it’s actually a sample ...

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