Appendix A. Multiple Access Interference and the Gaussian Approximation

In analyzing the impact of Multiple Access Interference in DS-CDMA systems, as described in Chapter 1, we must consider the detailed structure of the contribution of each interfering signal to the decision statistic, Z0. This is given by Ik in (1.32).

The relationship between bk(t − τk), ak(t − τk), and a0(t) is illustrated in Figure A-1. The quantities γk and Δk in Figure A-1 are defined from the delay of user k relative to user 0, τk, such that [Pur77]:

Equation A.1. 

Timing of the local PN sequence for user 0, a0(t) and the received signal from user k, sk(t − τk).

Figure A-1. Timing ...

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